5 star, review

Truthstone by Mike Shelton, Review


Truthstone (Truthseer archives #1)

Author: Mike Shelton

Pages: 283

Genres: YA, fantasy

Rating: 5/5

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One little lie won’t hurt, will it?
When fifteen year old Shaeleen unexpectedly is given a TruthStone, every lie she hears or tells causes her immense physical pain. As she struggles to control her new power and curb the pain, she learns a powerful truth that could thrust an entire continent into civil war. She must choose: reveal the truth and stop the pain – or sacrifice her own well-being to protect her kingdom.
For two hundred years the five kingdoms of Wayland have been protected by the stones of power. Now those stones are failing and a darker power is trying to take control. With the help of her brother, Cole and a newfound friend, Orin, Shaeleen sets out to gather and restore the power of all the stones.
But will she succeed before the endless lies destroy her?


First of all, thanks a lot to Ya Bound Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book.

Truthstone is a lovely fantasy, and I was totally hooked from the beginning to the end.

Do you know the feel when a really good book changes the way you look at the world?

That’s what happened to me with Truthstone. I spend the days when I was reading it thinking about “what I will do if I had a truthstone?” “What if everyone arounds me are telling me lies?”

Maybe the story doesn’t seems so original, right? But in this case is written so good.  There are all the descriptions of the surroundings, of the dresses and the characters; their emotions are well descripted, as well the differences between the class.

Shaeleen is a good main character: at the beginning she’s not sincere, but with the help of the truthstone, of her brother Cole and her friends, she grow up to a beautiful and honest woman.

The magic of the stones, the history and the geography of the different countries are well written, interesting and without plot holes. I appreciate it.

I really can’t find something that it’s wrong with this book: the writing style is good without long boring description; it’s not so difficult to read for me (english isn’t my first language); I love the characters and the world, and I think that the cover is lovely too.

There’s no violence or curse words in this book, so I recommend it to young readers too. There’s a sequel too, called Truthspell, and I can wait to read it!



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