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February 2018 Wrap Up

Hello everyone!

How was your reading month? There is snow where you live right now? Here in Turin, Italy, we have 5 cm of snow!

Anyway, my birthday month is passed, here’s the english books that I read:

Few are chosen: best english book of the month. A supernatural m/m romance with humour, I absolutely adored it!

Curiouser and Curiouser: biggest disappointment of the month. I read the first 3 chapters last year, and I really like it. But the complete book wasn’t what I expected. You can find my review if you click on the title.

Chasing Christmas past: a novella with a lovely and strong main character. Enjoyable.

Liberty Awakened: this book is full of clichè, but somehow is good and really readable and interesting. I plan to read the second book in the series.

The bride of the blue wind: has a lovely cover, but is a DNF for me.

For March I’m partecipating in the March Take Control of your TBR challenge, and I’m planning to read The Help (sorry, in italian) and The Chess Queen Enigma, the third book in one of my fave series of all the time!

3 thoughts on “February 2018 Wrap Up”

  1. No snow here in Florida 🙂 We’ve been in the mid-80’s!

    I love the cover of The bride of the blue wind… too bad the content didn’t match up for you!

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  2. It’s snowing here too! I was stuck in my house for days… (still am ish!)
    I haven’t even heard of any of these books – will deffo have to look them up! Hope you have a great March reading!

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